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The American Eagle English School -Learn English in Kumamoto, Japan
Learn English and practice speaking English with these topics.

Communication Topics

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Grammar Online Videos​​​​​​
Learn about American Culture

There are many things that are different in the United States. Here, we have pictures and videos of some of those differences between the United States and your country.​​
Delicious Recipes from around the world

Get a lot of our FREE recipes for foods from around the world. They are easy to make and taste very good. ​​Don't look any further. 
Nishiki Friends

Make Penpals or Friends from all over the world. Send us your Profile for Free. Learn a new language or practice using a new language. ​​​
Learn about Japanese culture

Japan is a wonderful country in Asia. Learn about Japanese foods, traditional festivals and other events in Japan. Here, there are pictures and videos of Japanese culture, foods and events. ​​
The American Eagle English School

We specialize in teaching English as a second language. The teacher is an American. We only accept students who are serious about learning and speaking English. We teach speaking, reading, writing and listening. We are located in Kumamoto City, Japan. ​​