REFIRM is a private organization that specializes in sending reading materials to incarcerated people. 

There are a lot of incarcerated men and women in the United States. Some of those incarcerated men and women will be released one day back into society. We at The American Eagle English School believe an important part of rehabilitation is education. We try to accomplish this by sending reading materials to incarcerated. We not only send reading materials, but we also send games, jokes, inspirational sayings, stories of famous people and places. Our reading materials deal with various subjects such as history, science and other topics. We believe that by educating the incarcerated, it will lead to less violence in the prisons and the guards have less to worry about their safety. For those inmates that will be released one day, they need to be educated to better blend back into society. For those inmates that will never be released, they can educate new prisoners as well as those prisoners who will be released.
We at The American Eagle English School can't supply the incarcerated alone. We need your help. We ask you to please donate to this worthy cause. We citizens can't ignore the prison population because their release date will come soon. We don't want them to get released and then break the law again with a violent or nonviolent crime. We send reading materials every month. 

To donate:

Send your Check or Money Order to:

4-54-14 Suizenji
Yamanaka Bldg 2F
Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto-ken
862-0947 JAPAN

Please make your check or money order payable to: Randall Miller.

If you prefer to use your credit card, send us your email address and we will send you a payment request from Paypal. ​​​​​

$10 a month can educate one inmate.

We appreciate all donations. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Reading Everyday For the Incarcerated Rehabilitation is Mandatory​